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Key ways in which we can support you

  • Ensure an Optimal and Efficient Sourcing Model
  • Streamline Core Processes
  • Embed Digital Transformation

Supporting in-house law departments globally

  • How does Legal Operations support in-house law departments?

  • What does Legal Operations mean for in-house law departments?


How Can We Help

People & Staffing

  • Develop a new legal function or help redesign an existing one to meet your business needs.
  • Determine how core and non-core legal tasks should be sourced based on value, cost, volume and efficiency metrics.
  • Build skills and knowledge in emerging areas such as legal technology and legal project management.
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Process & Operations

  • Optimize the health of key legal operations vendor contracts.
  • Undertake a rapid review of your core legal processes to identify opportunities and risks.
  • Quantify value created, including an assessment of coverage, internal customer satisfaction, headcount and net costs.
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Technology & Systems

  • Identify known and unknown contractual obligations, powered by our partners' suite of technology tools.
  • Develop a rigorous methodology to support in managing, storing, and sharing your digital information.
  • Determine whether you are making the most of your existing technologies, and identify opportunities to enhance working efficiencies through legal tech tools.
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