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General Counsel are building legal operations teams to enable the in-house law department to increase working efficiencies, manage costs, and increase productivity.

A broad range of capabilities and tools are required to effectively manage legal operations – from technology tools, to training, information governance, knowledge management, data analytics, process design, and legal project management solutions.

Our subscription offering, called Legal Operations in Your Pocket, enables you to get access to tools, capabilities, and services to support the management of your internal legal operations, without a need to onboard legal operations specialists.

The problem

For emerging growth companies and companies that do not have a legal department with specialist resources, legal operations can be a broad area to navigate. Legal Operations in Your Pocket provides the benefits of a legal operations team, without the related headcount costs. Legal Operations in Your Pocket is a tailored service offering that provides you with regular access to key legal operations resources and expertise globally.

Example services that can be included within Legal Operations in Your Pocket

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    Knowledge Management

    Support improved capture of tacit and explicit knowledge internally and externally.

    • A 2-week Know-How Audit to review opportunities to improve how knowledge is captured, stored, and shared.
    • The development of an online portal for your in-house team to easily access knowledge and share precedent information.
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    Process Improvement

    Identify processes ripe for improvement and supporting the design of new processes.

    • A Legal Process Improvement Review to identify processes ripe for improvement.
    • The development of process maps, powered by IBM Blueworks Live for your most material processes, to aid in clarity and understanding.
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    Legal Technology

    Identifying the most significant technologies to support efficient ways of working for your team.

    • A Legal Technology Market Scan to identify market leading solutions to meet your team's needs.
    • Identification of current and potential use-cases for application of Legal Technologies.
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    Business Intelligence

    Supporting you in making the most of the data at your disposal, to aid decision making.

    • Supporting the development of a data strategy to shape how you collect internal and external data.
    • Design support to develop business intelligence dashboards to guide decision making.
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    Training & Development

    Supporting the continuing legal education (CLE) needs of your team.

    • Design and delivery of a CLE program for your in-house team.
    • Quarterly webinars on emerging topics.
    • Access to legal operations specialists for support and guidance on strategic initiatives such as new systems implementation.

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